Beyond the Fairs: 10 Shows to See in NYC This Week

originally published on ArtSlant on March 3, 2015

At last, Armory Arts Week has arrived. From the Armory Show to VOLTA NY to Scope—one might easily get lost planning visits to every fair (our Fair Guide can help with that!). But if ten art fairs aren't enough to divide your attention this week, galleries and museums around the city have set their exhibition clocks to chime with the Armory Show and its satellites too. New exhibitions will be opening citywide this week to capitalize on the art world's Manhattan descent. There are a thousand to choose from, so we've done the hard work of making a selection of the best among them: here are the ten new shows and events you wouldn't go wrong to check out.


Run of the Mill | Evan Robarts

This week The Hole presents Evan Robarts' first major solo exhibition. The show will highlight three bodies of work by the material-driven conceptual artist, including scaffolding pieces, “line drawings” and “mop” paintings. Besides the pared-down, material-driven, and cerebral aspects of these works there is also a strong personal, warm or even humorous component that for the artist is particularly important. His work is not yet widely known, but he is pretty inventive in his craft: a worthy artist to check out.

Opening Reception: 6-9pm
The Hole | 312 Bowery, New York, NY
March 3–April 5

FASHION | Richard Prince

A lot of spectators find Richard Prince’s work controversial—many refer to it as trash—yet he is still exhibiting some hard-to-define works that are not totally known to the public. His newest exhibition presents all of his rephotographed early 80s fashion advertisements together in the same space for the first time. In relation to his recent Instagram exhibition at Gagosian in the Fall, Richard Prince: FASHION highlights photographic routine and obscurity, drawing the gap between art and society. Beauty and capitalism—sounds like a tea party that I do not want to miss.

Opening Reception: 6-8pm
Nahmad Contemporary | 980 Madison Avenue, Third Floor, New York, NY
March 3–April 18

Notes for a Choreography | Marwa Arsanios

Starting with an article in Al-Hilal magazine, this film focuses on the politics, labor, and exploitation (amongst other things) of a dancer after the establishment of a ballet school in Cairo. It looks at dance from historical and political perspectives allowing the art form to become an excuse to think about labor, and labor an excuse to think about dance and movement in relation to the damaged body—a metaphor of the danger of dance in the state. The movements and the story look incredible and, especially with the chaos of this week, I cannot wait to sit back and watch this important cultural film.

Opening Reception: 6-8pm
Art in General | 79 Walker Street, New York, NY
March 3–April 11

Lauren Bacall: The Look 

The Museum at FIT presents the first exhibition to exclusively explore actress Lauren Bacall’s career and style. The legendary late film star donated 700 garments to the museum which is planning on showing a number of them. While we have continued to bring back trends from decades ago, I’m curious to know what sort of Bacall gems will re-hatch into today’s fashion culture.

Opening Reception: 6-8pm
Gallery FIT | Seventh Avenue at 27th Street, New York, NY
The Fashion Institute of Technology’s School of Graduate Studies: Fashion and Textile Studies
March 3–April 4


Brand Loyalty, I’m Lovin’ It | Group Exhibition curated by Natalie Kates Projects

As if we don’t hear enough about brands, a group of artists have put together a show called Brand Loyalty, I'm Lovin' It, which takes inspiration from the oversaturation of corporate logos, trade marketing, and the constant bombardment of media persuasion. Rather than reject the corporate cartoons, this show uses the media forces of the brand to allow for their own creative freedom and inspiration. Are the artists beating the system by hijacking these corporate symbols to manipulate for their own use? You’ll have to visit to find out... 

Opening reception: 7-9pm
Gallery Nine5 | 24 Spring Street, New York, NY
March 4–April 19


Polychromasia | Beau Stanton

If you’re looking for some popping colors and detailed linework, then Beau Stanton’s upcoming exhibition is for you. Stanton’s work is influenced by classical examples of painting, ornamentation, and religious iconography. Though he typically creates paintings, murals, installations, and animations, Stanton’s latest manifestation of 20 multiples is sure to exemplify his originality and exploratory methods. If you’re a fan of Alex Grey, this is the show for you, as Stanton’s latest work is definitely influenced by Grey in a number of ways.

Opening Reception: 8-10pm
The Library Bar at the Hudson Hotel | 356 West 58th Street, New York, NY

Tony Conrad and Charlemagne Palestine

Tony Conrad and Charlemagne Palestine, masters of improvisation and drone, come together for a special duo concert at Brooklyn’s First Unitarian Congregational Society. These legendary artists get together for the occasion of Conrad’s 75th birthday to play a rare abstract, minimalist concert. If you get a kick out these two, head over to Greene Naftali (in Chelsea) to experience take two, a benefit for theISSUE project and Conrad’s continued birthday extravaganza. But seriously, if you’ve never experienced all that is Tony Conrad, you need to introduce yourself immediately. You know when people try to tell you that “they were there” when certain things began? Well Tony was actually there during the rise of the avant-garde in Buffalo, NY, and he’s still kicking.

Performance: March 5: 8pm (Doors at 7pm)
First Unitarian Congregational Society | 116 Pierrepont Street, Brooklyn, NY

Benefit: March 7: 6:30pm
Greene Naftali Gallery | 508 West 26th Street, New York, NY


A Go Go | Martin Wöhrl

While vinyl records are making a great comeback, Martin Wöhrl’s works focuses on creating abstraction by painting album covers. His covers hint at components of the original design and conceal, yet reveal, the materials in which he works. He alludes to art movements, including Color Field and Bauhaus, which allows for him to further focus on the influx of identities. Surely, there are some wicked theories and sounds embedded within some of his ideas.

Opening Reception: 6-8pm
Spencer Brownstone Gallery | 3 Wooster Street, New York, NY
February 27–March 31

Volume 003 (Empire State) | Group Exhibition organized by Sugarlift

Oh, a place where some of the best photographers seen on various social media sites can exhibit their work. Organized by Sugarlift, an online gallery based in Bushwick, Empire State presents the recent work of local street photographers who have been creating a new movement of urban photography throughout New York City. These 12 photo wizards have blown up your Instagram and Tumblr to show the public a small piece of their adventures to capture the perfect shot. Go to see these exhilarating photographs in the flesh and you'll vicariously (and perhaps IRL) meet some of the most talented explorers around. 

Opening reception: 7-10pm
Livestream Public | 195 Morgan Avenue, Bushwick, Brooklyn, NY
NOTE: Get your tickets to this event before you get on the subway. Ten doll hairs brings the photos tolife.



The year's most heavily anticipated exhibition has finally arrived! The retrospective of the composer, musician and singer Björk is here, and I cannot wait! It goes without saying that the sound and visual installations are going to be incredible, but this exhibition is also bringing back some of the most memorable, famed parts of Björk’s celebrity life. And yes: her famous swan costume from the Oscars is making an appearance. Between her music and the creative endeavors she's undertaken, Björk’s retrospective is a must-see.

MoMA Member Previews run from March 4–7 |Public opening hours begin March 8
MoMA | 11 West 53rd Street, New York, NY
March 8–June 7

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